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    Why do you like gambling


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. The first reason is a long gambling culture. The Chinese like to gamble very early, for example, "Historical Records" said that the Qi people in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period were addicted to gambling. Later in the Song Dynasty, the gambler who lost his eyes murdered and stolen it. In the end of the Qing Dynasty, the gambling methods of the eight -flag children were even more eye -catching, making foreigners eye -catching.
      The later Western poker, lottery, horse racing, gambling, slot machine, etc. passed to China, which made Chinese gambling game unprecedentedly rich. Whether the rich and the poor can find the right gameplay. Compared with other civilizations in the world, the ban on gambling in Chinese history is not strict. Almost every dynasty has undergone banning orders, but the administrative order continues to be poor and basically has no effect.
      The second reason is China's family organization. Western core families are composed of parents and children, and Chinese families are based on family basis, the entire family gather together, and relatives are frequent. The family in the family has a long period of time, and it needs some games with social functions to pass the time and be able to contact the family members more.
      The traditional Chinese culture is a culture with strong collectiveness and a large gap between power. The status of the family is very high, so his hobbies will affect the entire family. The chess and card games represented by Mahjong, which do not consume physical strength, also contacted feelings, can also gain stimulation. It is very suitable for relatives to communicate. At the same time, the equipment is simple and the venue requirements are low.
      The third reason is the adventure gene of the Chinese. The impression of the Chinese is cautious, and Chinese culture has always emphasized the golden mean. However, there is a Dutch psychologist who proposed a cultural dimension theory that studied many countries in the world, and then found that under different cultures, when people face uncertainty, they felt a threat. Actually very different. If you score a threat, the highest threat is 100 points, and the Chinese can only feel 30 points. This is very low in the main cultural power. You see, Americans are often considered a risk -rich spirit and dare to challenge unknown, but the threats that Americans feel when they face uncertainty are about 46 points, which is much higher than China.
      The fourth reason is that the Chinese have loved face since ancient times. Our Chinese have loved face since ancient times. For many Chinese who live overseas overseas, there are very few casinos a very few places that allow them to be followed by others. This can help them relive the Chinese stars. The good face on the casino, even if you lose a mess, you have to die, admit that your gambling skills are average, because gambling has adverse effects on your family, etc., it takes courage.

      , and quitting gambling is a very difficult task. There are specialized gambling service agencies abroad. Some professionals can help people quit gambling addiction, but the Chinese basically do not go because they want to face. They felt that looking for someone to help quit gambling is a very weak behavior, too shameful. This is not over yet. In order to prevent the ugliness of the family, in the general Chinese family, if anyone owed a gambling debt, other family members had to pay back to sell iron to sell it, so as not to end the gambler's fame.
      So ah, the Chinese gambling is the result of the comprehensive effect of historical culture, family organization, adventure genes, personality characteristics and other factors. But I still have to remind everyone, do n’t immerse themselves in the casino. There are so many meaningful things in life to do. Why do you have to bet?

    2. Definitely describe why this situation likes gambling? Because he wants to win money and gambles. It is gambling, so he just wants to win and want to bet on what kind of people. wishing you good health

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