• Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

    Is there a modifier or a golden finger in Xbox360


    Sep 23, 2022

    I want to buy a 360, but I do n’t know if the 360 ​​can be cheated. Use a gold finger like PSP, or the modifier is too tired, there is no time to work ...

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    1. No ~ What is the meaning of the system?

      The cheating mode such as a few games with cheating code. For example, GTA4, I have the mobile phone in the world, but the achievements of LS can not solve it. I personally feel that the cheating code makes GTA4's playfulness. Subsidized at least half.

      It some games because the bugs make players have vulnerabilities to drill, such as the use of sleep bonuses to use sleep bonus skills, but there are very few in this situation, and there is nothing to expect of.

    2. Because 360 ​​is not like PSP (directly inserting a computer, making golden fingers), there are no 360 gold fingers at present. (I also feel the same as you, I am also a small office worker, and the time of playing 360 games has never exceeded 2 hours, so I only play FPS games with fast -paced rhythm. FPS is the least consumed. This is just my opinion. It would be good if it would be a golden finger)

    3. I am responsible for telling you no.

      I I think playing games should be played seriously, not to mention that there is no difficulty.

      Hirly recognized for ninja dragons. After playing with it, I also feel that there is nothing. Some places need to be played more, but the fun of the game is not exchanged for golden fingers.

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