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    Is the current joining game studio different from before?


    Sep 22, 2022
    One thought on “Is the current joining game studio different from before?”
    1. Some time ago, a client contacted the September 4th to play and said, what a friend of his friend was pushed by the joining game studio, not only the hundreds of thousands he had been in his own years, but he also carried a lot of money. The bank loan, the wife was divorced, and a good family was going to destroy.
      I heard the news, and played a little incredible in the 94th play. It was improper to join the game studio. At most, it was a loss of tens of thousands of dollars. Did you be deceived? How can you lose so much?
      This of this customer, while clearing, do not sigh at the same time: the current joining game studio has changed.
      The want to capture dividends, but there is no resources, and the move is "deceived"
      The customers said that the rapid development of the game industry in the past two years has created a lot of myths to benefit myths, which is jealous. His friends are one of them. However, unlike him biting his teeth and choosing a large enterprise and large platforms such as September 4th, his friend was reluctant to invest too much. Regardless of his discouragement, he chose a smaller investment game studio to start a business.
      has no strength in this studio. There are no channels to get game resources and technical resources. For revenue, all kinds of propaganda materials are basically fabricated, and all kinds of feedback data are also fraud.
      This I bought them at the time. There were several customers one after another. They tasted the sweetness, but basically did not grow. Friends are also anxious, that is, at this time, this game joining the studio began to show poor dagger, recommending a series of value -added packages to my friends, etc. It is effective as soon as it is put, and it will not work without putting it on.
      Because of the early investment, although instinctual realization was wrong, friends still did not let go, took out their deposits, and even went to the loan to pay for the "data fraud" of the so -called game franchise studio.
      S selection of games to join, don't be afraid of investing, choose big institutions
      The experience of customers and friends, and played with the same body in September 4th. Everything is costly, especially for entrepreneurial joining. It is a penny and a penny. Today, the small and cheap will be saved, and it may be doubled tomorrow, which will cause a greater loss to yourself.

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