• Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

    I want to open the chess room, will the business be good?


    Sep 22, 2022
    3 thoughts on “I want to open the chess room, will the business be good?”
    1. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer high entropy chess, replacing the popular game cost advantage of mahjong is one of the main sources of the competitive advantage of chess and card rooms. The operation of the chess room can generally maintain lower operating costs. Due to the low overall cost, there are many favorable conditions in market competition. However, for various reasons, traditional chess rooms are often involved with gambling, and there are still unfavorable factors such as disturbing people. If you can find a substitute for a healthy, civilized and can meet the needs of mass entertainment, it is the best choice for the chess and card room, and it will also help improve the competitiveness of chess and card rooms. High entropy chess is the best choice. It is the forefront invention of the entertainment and leisure industry, and it is a product of entertainment and learning. It has a beautiful appearance, novel design, interesting, and simple rules. It has no noise and no disadvantage such as disturbances. In the process of the game, participating opportunities are equal, unable to cheat, and want to lose, want to win, and win difficulty. It is amazing and interesting! The majority of participants can not only experience the excitement in the process of fighting wisdom, but also improve their game ability! There are few investment and high industry returns to open high entropy chess pavilions. The businessman can charge a table fee or "tap fee" at a time, or you can rent a profit. According to preliminary statistics, if the chess room introduces several sets of high -entropy games on the original basis, the monthly income is thousands or tens of thousands of yuan. The operation of the chess pavilion is easy to operate and fast. Standardized operations and easy to learn. Several people can even be responsible for the daily operation of a high -entropy chess pavilion (the size of the main field venue). It has a wide range of consumer groups and large market space. High entropy chess is a healthy and civilized entertainment product. It can improve game skills, feel unilateral dominance, but also get physical and mental joy. It is popular with the majority of chess friends and netizens. A strong sense of market identity ensures that business is stable! It operates flexible and has good product combination. Saiqi is suitable for entertainment and leisure venues such as communities, business districts, shopping centers, chess and card rooms, mahjong pavilions, various clubs, bath centers and other entertainment venues. The transition of chess and card rooms will greatly improve the competitiveness and profit margin of the chess room.

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