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    1. Hu Ge, born in Xuhui District, Shanghai on September 20, 1982. He has a film and television actor, pop singer, and members of the Democratic League.
      In 1996, 14 -year -old Hu Ge became the host of Shanghai Education TV Station.
      2005 shaped the corner of "Li Xiaoyao" in the Xianxia drama "Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan", and sang the episode "The Rain in June" and "Xiaoyao Sigh".
      The August 2006 suffered a serious car accident.
      returned in June 2007.
      2009 starred in Xianxia drama "Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan 3", and the ending song "Forget Time".
      The starring drama "Myth", the starring drama "Myth" in CCTV in the eight sets of CCTV.
      2011 The theme of the participation of the parameters "The Revolution of 1911" nominated the "Best Newcomer Award" for the Popular Film Hundred Flowers Awards.
      2012 starring in the fantasy drama "Xuanyuan Sword of the Sky".
      Earlier experience:
      Hu Ge Elementary School studied in Shanghai Xiangyang Primary School, junior high school studied at the 95th class 1 in Shanghai No. 2 Middle School, and high school at Shanghai No. 2 Middle School High School No. 98 Class 3 , Class 7, 01 of High School.
      He Ge was a brigade member of the three bars during the primary school stage. At the middle school stage, he also served as the host of the school flag -raising ceremony, the school radio director, the president of the school drama club, the chief of the school choir, and the class group group The representative of the branch, the representative of the class physics class, and the head of the student drama group of the Xuhui District also participated in the filming of the MV of CCTV's "The Dedication of Love", the theme song "The Dedication of Love".

    2. Hu Ge is a actor in mainland China. He plays Li Xiaoyao in the TV series "The Legend of the Sword". He also sang the episode "The Rain in June" for this drama and stepped into the music scene. Later, he played the actor Jingtian in the live -action TV series "Sword and Swordsman Legend 3", and was nicknamed Xianjian professional household.
      Title: Prince of costume
      Language: Mandarin
      , Shanghai dialect
      Inscription: The meaning of life is not limited to survival R n head
      Zen: "啧 啧 啧"
      Children's wish: Back to ancient
      The most wanted to do: drive travel; Movie
      The most wanted to go: African Wild Zoo
      The deepest influence: Dad, Mom
      Worshiping person: Bruce Lee
      The understanding of life: What kind of environment What kind of person to make, just like the water becomes the sky, it becomes a cloud. (It derived from Hu Ge's understanding of "Cloud in Qingtianshui in the bottle" (favorite) (favorite)
      The correspondence address: 2 Estan C1-6 Tangren Movie, No. 751, Yichang Road, Putuo District, Shanghai
      hana Transfer of Hu Ge for mailing:
      The broker: karen
      tsai ; Records -Gold Medal Great Wind Records Company (formerly EMI EMI Records Company, is now consolidated)
      friends in the circle:
      Yang Mi
      Yuan Hong
      Li Xiaofeng
      n Tang Yan
      Liu Tao
      Huo Jianhua
      Liu Yifei
      Chen Long
      Sun Li
      Huang Lei
      Xie Junhao
      Peng Yuyan
      Han Xue
      Liu Pinyan
      White ice
      n Wang Xinling Liu Shishi and other

    3. Hu Ge, 185cm, Virgo, Bloody, was born on September 20, 1982 in Xuhui District, Shanghai. Mainland Chinese film and television actor, pop singer, and members of the people, graduated from the Department of Performance of the Shanghai Academy of Drama.
      He Ge Elementary School is studying in Shanghai Xiangyang Primary School, junior high school is studying in the 95th class 1 of Shanghai No. 2 Middle School, and High School is studying in Shanghai No. 2 Middle School No. 98 Class 3 and High School 01 Class 7 Essence

      I Ge was once a member of the three -way brigade in elementary school. At the middle school stage, he also served as the host of the flag -raising ceremony, the school radio director, the president of the school theater, and the school choir group. The head of the chief, the class of the class group, the representative of the class physics class, the head of the student drama group of Xuhui District, and also participated in the filming of the MV of the CCTV's "The Dedication of Love", the theme song "The Dedication of Love".
      In 1996, Shanghai Education Television recruited middle school hosts to Shanghai Beach. Hu Ge successfully broke out. He was elected host of the "Sunshine Teenage" column and did it for several years in the industry of this little host.
      In 2001, Hu Ge was admitted to the director department of the Central Academy of Drama. The professional performance was the second place (the first place was Bao Dang). Later The teacher's persuasion and family reasons choose to stay in Shanghai.

      Hu Ge performing arts experience
      2005 shaped the corner of "Li Xiaoyao" in the Xianxia drama "The Legend of the Sword".
      2009 starred in Xianxia drama "Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan 3", and the ending song "Forget Time".
      The starring drama "Myth", the starring drama "Myth" in CCTV in the eight sets of CCTV.
      The spy war drama "Pretender", the costume drama "Langya List", and the urban drama "Good Time" in the costume drama "Langya List" in 2015 were broadcast one after another.
      2018 nominated the "Best Actor Award" for the Shanghai TV Festival White Magnolia Award for the second time.
      In 2019, Diao Yinan, who starred in, directed the film "The Party of Southern Station" was shortlisted for the main competition unit of the Cannes International Film Festival.

    4. [Edit this paragraph] Personal profile
      Puk: Jiangsu Wuxi
      Language: Mandarin, Shanghai dialect
      Motto: The meaning of life is not limited to survival
      nThe child wish: Back to ancient
      The things I want to do most: driving; shot Yu Hua's "Xu Sanguan Selling Blood" into a movie
      R n The most influential person: Dad, Mom
      Worshiping people: Hua Luogeng
      The understanding of life: What kind of environment creates and what kind of person, just like the water becomes the sky, it becomes a cloud. Essence (It derived from Hu Ge's understanding of "Cloud in Qingtianshui in the bottle" (favorite) (favorite)
      Imming address: E-warehouse C1-6 Tangren Movie 2nd Floor HANA to Hu Ge, No. 751, Yichang Road, Putuo District, Shanghai Receive mail: 200060
      Is now agent: karen TSOI (Cai Yinnon. Also known as: Cai Yinong, also known as Sister K)
      Brokerage company: Film and Television -Tangren Movie; Records -Gold Medal Big Wind Records (formerly EMI EMI Records Records Records Company, now merged)
      friends in the circle: Yuan Honglin Yichen He Zhe Xie Na Liu Shishi Huo Jianhua, Peng Yuyan Yang Mi Tang Yan Liu Yifei, Chen Long Sun Li Huang Ruoyi Zhang Shi Junhao Han Xue Liu Pinyan Bai Bing He Rundong Ren Quan Zengyi and other

      About fans

      ① Fan Title: Pepper, Pepper, Pepper
      ② Pepper nicknames:
      1. Boss
      2. Xiaohu, Dahu, Old Old, Old Old Hu, Hu mother
      3. Song, Hu Xiaoge
      4. Hu Xiaobai, Xiaobai, White Cat
      5 Ancient Yuege owes
      . Brother Gong Jin
      7 . Pumping Section Chief, Pumping
      8. Little Song Cat Little Song Hu Cat
      9. Hu Baobao, Dabo (nickname developed from Hu Ge Weibo)
      10. String String (the abbreviation of the role of the myth)
      11. The worm, the whole world (the Chen Ying played by the "Bitter Coffee" starring Hu Ge)
      12. Ninja Turtle (the same The nickname developed from Hu Ge Weibo)
      ③ the home of pepper: Gu Yue brother owed the official forum

      About blog

      A little busy
      Oviability: All Hu Ge's own
      Blog visits: Sina Blog Total Ranking 324 Visit 14,041,439 (as of 9:28 on March 1, 2010) r
      Popularity Follow: 32,919 people

      About Weibo

      Weibo comments and reposts are huge. ~
      Weibo dynamics: Recently updated frequently
      Weibo fans: 144493 (as of 16:59 on February 28, 2010)
      Hanhari also has Harbin Gang because some people say that I am very thunderous, so I voluntarily joined the Harley family Harley Davidson. I want to engage in a
      . "(Sina Weibo) will reply to pepper. On one occasion with the pepper version, this kind of friendly interaction is also a commendable point that he is different from many stars.

      has used the name

      1. Hu Ke (because Hu Ge's mother thinks that this name is like "gynecological", so when Hu Ge was born for a month Give him Hu Ge)
      2. Lu Pin (the reason is that looks like Lu, the figure is like a product, and because it looks like the shape of the cat's paw)
      3. What is concave (the concave "concave" concave? "The word two is connected to read, and the pronunciation of the word" cat "is consistent)
      4. I want to run for the mayor of Hengdian (MSN)
      5. Next to the anti -dog, the grass is a tadpole.)
      6. The cat sleeping on the roof (from MSN, too.)

      Shanghai Xiangyang Primary School (1989-1994)
      Is Junior High School -Shanghai No. 94 Grade 94 (1994-1998)
      High school -Shanghai No. 2 Middle School High School No. 98 (1998 1998 (1998 — 2000), Shanghai No. 2 Middle School High School 01 Class 7 (2000-2001)
      University -Shanghai Theater Academy Performance Department 2001 (2001-2005)
      n n
      The most annoying foods: greasy, fried foods
      The favorite snacks: chestnut, duck head
      favorite fruits: watermelon, banana n favorite cities: Hangzhou: Hangzhou , Lhasa, Yunnan Lijiang
      Favorite collection: photography, car, travel magazine
      Favorite sports: tennis, billiards, basketball, swimming
      Fisher drinks: mineral water, Wang Laoji, Cola
      Favorite food: seafood Sichuan cuisine
      Favorite animals: cat
      favorite books: "New York Photography College Photography Teaching Materials"
      The favorite movie: "Paradise Cinema", "Brave Bad Heart "
      心 Favorite director: Jisbe. Tonadori
      The actors I like: Liang Chaowei, Morgan Friman, Jiang Wen, Daniel Dai Lewis, Sophie Masso, Maggie Cheung, Zhang Manyu, Zhao Yi, Tang Wei
      The music you like: blue madness, pursuing
      favorite singers: Tao Yan, Zhang Xueyou, Faye Wong
      Freedom novels: "Xu Sanguan Selling Blood", "Alive"
      Favorite games: "The Mainland of the Three Kingdoms" "" The Legend of the Fairy Sword "," Paradise Two Online "(Shanghai Second Service)" Fantasy Xianxian "(North China Netcom 1)" Fantasy Westward Journey "(Shanghai Second District Oriental Pearl )
      Favorite F1 racer: kimi
      The leisure activities: photography, car, travel
      )))): cloud in Qingtianshui in the bottle (meaning: what kind of environment is made of what is the environment, what kind of environment is created The person who is like is like the water becomes the cloud when it comes to the sky.
      [Edit this paragraph] Self -introduction
      hours I was very simple. I like to squat in the bathtub and sing in the bathtub, so "singing" basically summarized my childhood.
      The is still simple when I grow up. I like to lie in the computer and chew in front of it, so "Hu Ge" has become "Gu Yue brother owed".
      "Ancient" represents nostalgia; "Moon" represents affection; Nostalgia made me fall in love with art and can carry beautiful memories; passionate let me choose the performance of the Shanghai Academy of Drama, because I am willing to devote the rich feelings to the stage; the righteousness makes me always put my friends in the most important position; Perfect is full of curiosity and longing for life.
      This is me, simple me!
      This describing what he is
      "This person looks a bit clever, it seems to be a little handsome, of course, this" handsome "is only barely crowned. There are three reasons: first, like to laugh. For "flowers". Flowers are not cool, those who are not cool, have no wisdom, no wisdom and disabled? The second, like to say. The multi -language is called "poverty" today. , Feristic people float, those who have no bravery, no brave, be handsome? Third, they like to think. Those who think about it today are "soft". Zhi, no one is mediocre, is it handsome? "
      The high school essay is broken
      " The sun in the early spring goes through the buildings of this big city with golden warmth. The chill is left to people's infinite reveries in spring. There is a ray of sunlight that seems to pay special attention to a certain place. A humble corner on the second floor of an old -fashioned bungalow ... "
      [Edit this paragraph] Star Road journey
      Hu Ge is admitted to the film and television director department of the Central Academy of Drama. name.
      The director of Hu Ge was Hu Ge's ambition, and he prepared for half a year for this. After the exam, he came to the show again, and the third place was taken.
      He Ge's parents do not engage in performance. When he went to kindergarten, he was selected by the Shanghai TV Station Xiaoying Art Troupe. In that year, there were more than 30,000 children in Shanghai to test, and finally received 60. Hu Ge was the lucky child.
      He Ge was introverted when he was a child. He was very shy. In order to exercise him, his parents took him to Xiao Yingxing. In the examination room, other children sang and danced. It was the teacher that the child was very cute, so he recruited him.
      This of Hu Ge's elementary school was spent in the Xiaoying Star Art Troupe.
      This experience is still very good for him to change his introverted personality, but in front of strangers, he is somewhat shy or even shy.
      He Ge's mother told him that when you were a child, you learned the performance for many years in Xiao Yingxing. Let ’s go to the performance department of the show. As a result, Hu Ge took it. Then his mother said The actor is good. In fact, he is reluctant to leave his only son to leave Shanghai to study in Beijing.
      He Ge played a pregnant woman's husband in a collective sketch when he participated in the initial test. The specification of the scene was at a train station. Like a husband and wife, Hu Ge is quite honest. He said that he had never done his father, how could he perform like it?
      Because of his image, voice, and language, he is also very high. He has a stage practice in middle school, so the first impression to the teacher is very good.
      It trials The teacher took him an impromptu sketch. Hu Ge himself edited on the spot. The general plot said that there was a pair of lovers who grew up at the sea fishing village. The girl's family was better. , The two broke up by the sea, Hu Geqiang was sad, saying he did not love him anymore, and then threw a stone into the sea, indicating that he still loved her with all his heart. The girl did not go far. She came back again. It was moved to see all this. Although the idea of ​​this sketch is a bit vulgar, Hu Ge's performance is very sincere.
      The graduation thesis "Source of Power", the views are refreshing. He carried out a more detailed research on the psychological and physiological changes and reactions caused by the memory of the five consciousness, which opened a passage for the emotional experience of the performance, and was very valuable to the practical operation of the performance.
      He song TV series is also a chance, when he was in the second semester of the first grade of the performance department. His friends voiced the TV series "Book Sword Enemies" to the Tang Dynasty company in Shanghai, and Hu Ge also went to know the director. One month later, the director recommended Hu Ge to the producer, and then he would be the producer. In this way, Hu Ge signed an appointment with the Tang Dynasty and starred in many TV series co -produced by three places (Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan) on both sides of the strait.
      The foreign actor that Hu Ge's favorite is Morgan Friman, a black actor in "Seven Criminal Sins", and Friman is also a stage actor. Hu Ge thinks his acting skills are very restrained and uncomfortable. Ge You, Jiang Wen, and Chen Daoming are also actors he advocates.
      The motto of Hu Ge is: "There is never a shortage of happiness in our lives." The ideal of childhood was to play an ancient general, riding a war horse, and galloping the field.
      In 2005, with the popularity of the TV series "The Legend of the Fairy Sword", Hu Ge quickly became popular with Li Xiaoyao's corner. In two years, he successively filmed "Young Yang Family General", "601 phone calls", etc. The popular film and television works that are widely loved by the audience have become one of the popular new generation stars in China.
      In 2006, in just one year in debut, Hu Ge swept major entertainment awards, including "the second TV drama Fengyun Ceremony Most Popular Actor in the Mainland", "Mainland Most Potential Newcomer Award" and so on Essence
      In July 2006, Hu Ge, who was at the peak of his career, took the filming of the "Heroes of the Condor Heroes" based on Jin Yong's famous masterpieces. On August 29, 2006, during the shooting of the shooting sculpture, a sudden car accident was The steps of Hu Ge's progress suddenly paused, Hu Ge was seriously injured. After more than six hours of rescue, in addition to the severe damage to the body, his right eye was sewed more than 100 stitches, and he needed to undergo eye -cornea. The Biography of the Heroes has to stop. After a year of treatment, he undergone a lesson of less than ten times, and he experienced countless pain.
      In the support and encouragement of everyone, on June 22, 2007, Hu Ge officially announced his return, and his strength and optimism moved countless people. The first job of Hu Ge's comeback was to re -invest in the shooting of "Heroes of the Condor Heroes". From the monitor, he saw the scars that had never recovered on his face. He was hit again and again. On January 18, 2008, when the last shot was completed, he pulled his legs on the sea of ​​Xiangshan, and tears were involuntarily flowing.
      I Ge said that from this play, he regained the confidence of being an actor. In 2008, Hu Ge reappeared, and released his first album "Starting" to the song, shadow, and vision. His first album "Starting" has achieved good sales and was well received by all parties. In August of the same year, "The Legend of the Sword and Sword 3" starring him in the coach was officially started. Hu Ge, who was born in Li Xiaoyao, was once again unanimously affirmed. Hu Ge said, "Belief created a miracle", some people say that he is a miracle, and his experience can be said to be a myth.
      [Edit this paragraph] Personal works

      film and television works

      2009-2010 "Bitter Coffee" decorated with Chen Yan (male No. 1) n cooperative actor : Zuo Xiaoqing Bingbing Tan Kai Liu Jia Liu Jie Miao Haizhong visited Lin
      Directors: Zhang Yan
      "Myth" decoration: General Meng Yi/Yi Xiaochuan/Millennium Old Demon (Male No. 1) r
      Cooperative actor: Ren Quan Bai Bing Zhang Shi Zhang Meng Chen Zihan Zi Tan Kai Li Yixiang Zang Jinsheng
      Director: Jiang Jiajun
      2008-2009 "Swordsman Legend 3" Xiaoyao (Maskedman is Li Xiaoyao) (Male No. 1)
      Cooperative actor: Huo Jianhua Yang Mi Liu Shishi Tang Yan Yuan Hongli Liu Jiahui Huang Zhiwei Liu Rui
      Director: Biography of Heroes: Guo Jing (Male No. 1)
      Cooperate actor: Lin Yichen Yuan Hong Xie Na Li Xie Zhou Haimei Liu Shishi Huang Qiusheng Xu Jinjiang Liang Jiaren Guo Liang n Director; Li Guoli n 2006 "Young Yang Family General" Decoration: Yang Yanzhao (Male No. 1)
      Cooperative actor: He Rundong Yuan Hong Chen Xiuwen Liu Shishi Peng Yu Yan Lin Jiayu Chenlong n director; Li Guoli
      "Don't Love Me" )
      Cooperative actor: Xu Ruohuan He Zhelin Jiayu Gu Meihua Aiwei Xie Na
      ; Li Guoli
      2005 "Flying Flying Fairy" decoration: Dong Yong/Tong Yuan (male No. 1) n cooperation Actor: Lin Yichen Dou Zhi Kong Han Xue TAE Xu Jinjiang Guo Fei Xie Junhao
      director; Li Guoli
      2005 "Liao Zhai Zhi Yi Xiao Qian" decoration: Ning Caichen (male No. 1)

      director; Li Guoli
      2004 "Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan" decoration: Li Xiaoyao (male No. 1) forever Xiaoyao Brother
      Cooperate actors: D director; Wu Jinyuan Mai Guan's Liang Shengquan
      2003 "Dandelion" decoration: Cheng Yan (Male No. 1)
      Cooperate actor: Guan Ying Sun Li Yuan Hong
      Director; Yu Jianfu

      movie works

      2009 "Tianxian Qi Yuan" (the character has not been announced yet)
      Plord actors: Zheng Yijian Sun Yan Fang Li Shenzhong Ji
      2008 "Sword Butterfly" decoration: Ma Chengenen (Villain 1)
      Cooperative actor: Wu Zun Cai Zhuoyan Shao Bing Dilong
      Director: Ma Chucheng
      2006 "601 phone" decoration: Xiaowen (male No. 1) n cooperative actor actors actors :week Penchao Cecilia Cheung Zhang Guoli
      Directors: Zhang Guoli
      2004 "Suspicious Ghost" decoration: Shen Lang (guest)
      Director: Qiu Litao
      2002 "Pretending to No Feel" R N Director: Peng Xiaolian

      It other works

      A game endorsement: October 2009 online game "Fantasy Xianxian" promotional video played Chen Yufeng
      release photo: 2007 "Happy Scavenger" of the Heart Culture During the Treatment Treatment
      stage play: "I am a song mad" as Chu Tiange (cooperated with Yuan Hong)

      Id advertising endorsement:
      Mensplus (masculine) skin care products
      Nokia 5230
      Tianwei Communication
      n Alcatel
      The head hunting net
      Net new network
      It good
      Ximenzi mobile phones
      Shan Shan suit
      Yuqinger casual clothes (y.q.e.r)

      mv performance

      2004 Hu Ge- "Xiaoyao Sigh"
      2004 Hu Ge- "Rain in June"
      2004 js — n 2004 Power Train- "Finally Understand"
      2004 Asan- "Always Quiet"
      2005 Hu Ge- "After the Dynamic"
      2005 Hu Ge —— "Moonlight"
      2005 she she —— "One Thousand Years"
      2005 TANK —— "Millennium Tears"
      2005 Hu Ge —— "Love You will not change"
      2005 Hu Ge —— "A moment forever"
      2006 Week Bi Chang - "Number"
      2008 Hu Ge —— "Wu Yunran"
      2008 Zheng Zhongji- "Heroes"
      2008 Hu Ge - "Her eyes will rain"
      2008 Hu Ge - "Go to Love"
      2008 Hu Ge — "Poison"
      2009 Hu Ge- "Forget Time"
      2009 Jade Bird Flying Fish — "This Life Not Change"
      2009 Zheng Zhongji- " Promise not to love you "
      2009 Zhang Yunjing-" Preferences "
      2009 Hu Ge-" Dare to Love "
      2009 Hu Ge Bai Bing-" Beautiful Myth "

      release album

      ① Hu Ge "Cherish" album cover
      The album name: "Cherish Hu Ge" EP
      Plip time: October 25, 2006
      style: china-pop
      R n The language: Mandarin
      The moment I seemed to lose everything. Everything in the past seemed like the micro -cloud in the mountains, and it drifted away gently with the wind. In darkness and fear, I heard the voice from the heart: alive, just good! When I woke up, I thanked myself back to the world from the other side of my life. Just when I regret my confidence, when I will set off, my friend's death will allow sadness to penetrate into my life. For many days, her image took turns to my imagination and thoughts. I began to understand that living in the memory of the living is also life, and this life is eternal.
      I saw a wider world. When we thought we lost, we still had it. With a gratitude, we will make us know how to cherish it. ——Hou Ge 2006.10.3
      This is named "Treasure", which expresses the meaning of love songs such as "Tell him, I love her" to highlight the main concept of "cherish". What happened in the love story to real life is to declare to everyone that a complete relationship needs to work hard. In the life you experienced every day, in fact, whether it is love, or family and friendship, as long as you have love in your heart, you must say it in time to cherish everything you have now. Life leaves regret.
      The moments of indulgence, cherishing the magnificent romance, that is a kind of solid and peacefulness; After you pass by, understand the true meaning of feelings, and learn to cherish; know how to cherish, a little warm is enough to make people melt ...
      album track:
      "Meet a good person"
      "Tell her I love her" ("Cherish Hu Ge" EP title song, the TV series "Young Yang Family General" episode)

      Hu Ge's "Starting" album cover album name: " Departure "
      Published time: May 12, 2008
      In Issuance Company: Gold Medal Style (formerly EMI EMI)
      " " Her eyes will rain ") Han Han (" Poison ")
      Eremia, thank you: Wang Zhongyan Huang Yunling Liu Shishi Cat Pocky Yan Zhengsheng children
      Hu Ge's first solo album" Start "is New starting point for music journey. The magnificent touched tears "Go to Love" is the first master. The album also includes the episode "Wu Yunran" of the annual key drama "The Heroes of the Eagle"; the theme song "Poison" directed by Han Han personally directed the MV and Rao Xueman's new work "Li Song"; "The eyes will rain"; I have a strong recommendation of the youth campus portrayal "The Day of Bicycles", etc., and has ten works with full heart and sincere work!
      The album track:
      "The Day of Bicycles"
      Hu Ge kissed the favorite. Easy campus sketches, healthy environmental protection theme songs. Take you back to the simplest age. The album is attached to the Q -version sticker in the album, which complements each other.
      "Go to Love" (Personal's first album "Starting" first wave of the title song)
      2008 The most touching music works sounded when the music sounded. Surprising everyone. Senior poet Wang Zhongyan's love. Huang Yunling, a senior musician, made a voices. Hu Ge broke through his own and music strength challenges. Rock showed amazing explosive power. MV plot is moving. Rich punching power.
      simple and pure music sketches have become rumors. True and false are no longer a problem.
      "Earth and Sky"
      This style of rock style. Some people are portrait in the sky, far away from you. Some people are like the earth, maybe you never notice that he is always by your side. Please cherish the person in front of you.
      The bright ears of the exotic formation of the Chinese musician senior poet Yao Ruolong specially blessed. Improper is the true face of love. It's also you and me.
      "Pride for yourself"
      This inspirational works fit Olympic theme. Let all Chinese be proud of themselves and the motherland.
      "Wu Yunran" (08 version of "The Heroes of the Condor Heroes" ending song)
      The annual drama "Heroes of the Condor Heroes" episode, Chinese style reproduces martial arts pride.
      "Poison" (Rao Xueman's novel "Li Ge" theme song)
      Rao Xueman's latest work "Li Song" theme song "Witch" Rao Xueman wrote lyrics in person, breathing back. Han Han personally came out of the horse and directed the music movie MV.
      "A person's coast"
      The audit of Hu Ge's affectionate model, singing the story behind loneliness.
      "Her eyes will rain" (Personal first album "Starting" the second wave of the main)
      The new media KTV hot song popular R

    5. Name: Hu Ge
      Birthday: September 20, 1982
      Height: 185.4cm
      Weight: 72kg
      Zodiac signs: dog
      Constellation: Virgo n Blood type: O -type
      Education: Undergraduate at the Performance Department of Shanghai Academy of Drama
      Nicogenic: Jiangsu Wuxi
      Hu Hu, Cat, Cat, Cat Song, Song, Mother Hu, Xiaobai, Mr. Bai, etc.
      -motto: The significance of life is not limited to survival
      The biggest dream when I was a kid: Back to ancient
      The expectations for yourself: Do not virtue of time
      Interests (hobbies): photography, cars, travel, travel
      Favoris: photography, car, travel magazine
      The voice of "啧 啧"
      Favorite sports: tennis, billiards, basketball, swimming
      n mineral water, Wang Laoji, Youlemei
      The favorite food: seafood
      The most annoying foods: greasy.
      -fried food
      The favorite snacks: chestnut
      The favorite fruits: watermelon
      favorite cities: Hangzhou (I have been to)
      The most wanted to go: Africa wild zoo
      The favorite animal: cat
      Favorite books: "Photography Teaching Materials of the New York Academy of Photography"
      Farying movies: "Paradise Cinema"
      "Brave Heart" and other
      The favorite director: Jisibe Tonado Thunder
      The favorite actor: Morgan Freman, Liang Chaowei, Jiang Wen, Daniel Dai. Lewis
      Favorite actresses: Sophie Masso, Maggie Cheung n favorite music: "
      The favorite songs of
      The favorite songs: "Following"
      favorite male singers: Zhang Xueyou, Tao Yan
      The favorite female singers: Faye Wong
      Favorite video game: Three Kingdoms "Overlord's Continent", Xianjian Qi Xia Zhuan, Paradise 2 Online (Shanghai Second Series)
      What kind of fans who are most afraid of: Lost self -type
      n The deepest influence: Parents
      The best friends in the circle: Yuan Hong Peng Yu Yan Xie Na
      The most admirable person: Hua Luogeng
      N Places: Tibet, Yunnan Lijiang, Xinjiang
      The favorite F1 driver: Kimi
      FI fiction: "Xu Sanguan Selling Blood",
      What I want to do most: shoot Yu Hua's "Xu Sanguan's Blood" into a movie

      The favorite sentence:
      The understanding is: what kind of environment creates what kind of person, just as the water comes to the sky, it becomes cloudy
      The MSN name I used to use: I want to run for the mayor of Hengdian
      fans nickname: pepper, pepper, pepper, Pepper
      works: TV series
      "Dandelion" as the role of
      Cheng Yan (cooperated with Sun Li and other cooperation)
      Li Xiaoyao (cooperation with Liu Yifei, An Yixuan and other)
      "Liao Zhai-Xiaoqian" as the role of
      R n "Flying Fairy" as
      Dong Yong (cooperation with Lin Yichen and other cooperation)
      "Don't Love Me"
      plays an illustrator (cooperation with Xu Ruoyi)
      2005 ended
      "Junior Yang Family General" (shooting in progress)
      "Pretending not to feel" as the role of
      Kankan (cooperated with Lu Liping, Zhou Wenqian, Sun Haiying)
      "Suspicious Ghost" as the role of
      Shen Lang (guest a real estate agent)
      In the original soundtrack of "Fairy Sword")
      "The Rain in June" (the TV series "The Legend of the Sword", which is included in the original soundtrack of the "Sword of the Sword")
      (TV series "Flying Fairy of the Sky" episode)

      "After the Dynamic" (TV series "Flying Flying in the Sky" episode)
      stage drama:
      "I am a song mad" played
      Chutian Ge
      Graduated drama: Detective visit
      Advertising: Tianwei Communication, True Milk Sugar, White Cat Laundry Powder, Alkat, Santana, McDonald's, Headhunter Network,
      City new nets, Haojiajia, Holbushuman throat sugar, Wanji foreign ginseng, Siemens mobile phone, Shan Shan suit, etc.

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