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    Creative union activities planning plan


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. In order to enrich the cultural and sports life of the majority of employees, after research by the union, it was decided to carry out a series of celebrations. The following is the trade union activity plan that I have carefully collected and organized. Let me share with you and enjoy it.
      If trade union activity plan 1
      In order to further establish the awareness of "exercise half an hour a day, healthy work every day, and a lifetime of a lifetime", at the same time, in order to enrich the cultural life of faculty and employees Physical and mental health, create a positive and healthy campus cultural atmosphere, and show the new spiritual style of school faculty and staff. The school union will carry out a series of cultural and sports activities in this year. Stress, happy physical and mental health, and enhance collective cohesion.
      . Activity theme:
      The strong body to create a warm team, and the hand phase is a harmonious campus.
      . Activity slogan:
      The vitality permanent youth, no limit on exercise.
      . Activity items:
      1. Square dance competition.
      2. Ball competitions, volleyball, badminton, table tennis competition).
      3. Chess competitions (chess, chess, five fingers, chess).
      4, skipping rope, kicking, hula circle competition.
      . Activity form:
      1. In the form of a union group, four major groups are formed in the form of lottery. Each group has selected participants in accordance with the activity items and rules.
      2. Each competition is reflected in the form of points. The ranking is added to the group with 50, 30, 20, and 10 points. At the end of the year, team rewards were conducted at the end of the year.
      3. Each group should allow most faculty and staff to participate in the activities in accordance with the principle of "participation first, the second competition", and do not do uniform requirements. After all competitions are over, according to the participation of faculty members of each group, press The number of people adds 5 points per person in the total score. rn 六、比赛方式及评比标准:rn (一)广场舞比赛评比标准rn 1、阵容(60分)(每组限参加比赛人数不少于5人,每增加1 person plus 5 points).
      2. The degree of neat movement (30 points).
      3. Clothing (10 points) (10 points) (10 points) are selected as a square dance coach, and the coach accumulates 50 points in the total score).
      (2) Volleyball game
      1. Select 6 players (4 women and 2 men) in each group.
      2. Each game adopts a three -win and two wins and 25 points (5 points for each game that does not play the game).
      (3) Method of badminton competition
      1. Project: (1) Men's singles (2) Women's singles (3) Men and women mixed doubles.
      2. Decisions against the lottery, each game adopts a three -win and two wins and 21 points (5 points for each game that does not play the game).
      (4) Table tennis competition method
      1. Project: (1) Men's singles (2) women's singles (3) men and women mixed doubles.
      2. Decisions against the lottery, each game adopts three wins and 11 points systems in five games (5 points deducted for each game that does not play the game).
      (5) Chess competition method (chess, chess, five -son chess, chess) decide against the draw. Each game adopts five games and three wins, deducting 10 points against the deserted group.
      (6) Rope skipping, kicking, and hula circles (two groups of competitions, 45 years old as the division section).
      1. Calculation of the number of individuals completed within the specified time.
      2, kicking crust: calculate according to the total number of completed.
      3. Hulu ring: walk around.
      If trade union activity plan 2
      It is to display the style of cadres, enrich the cultural life of employees, continuously enhance friendship, and improve the cohesion of cadres of the organs. Cadre Fun Competition ".
      Activity theme: Harmony, friendship, progress
      Activity time:
      Activity location: ___
      competition items:
      The rules of the competition: a group of men and a woman, the same group of winning ropes, the most victory in one minute.
      award settings: 2 first prizes; 2 second prizes; 12 commemorative prizes.
      The number of participants: 4 people in each union group, a total of 16 people.
      The item: Squeeze eyebrows (eat biscuits)
      Rotal competition rules: Participants put the biscuits on their forehead and move the biscuits to their mouths with their facial muscles. The number of eaten in one minute has won. The drop of drop is not scored by hand.
      award settings: draw in two rounds, each group takes 1 first prize.
      The first prize of 2 prizes; 6 commemorative prizes.
      The number of participants: 4 people in each union group, a total of 16 people
      Third item: blow the ball into the bowl
      : put five bowls on the table, all filled with water, from The first bowl began to blow table tennis and kept blowing to the fifth bowl. Whoever blows the least time, even if you win.
      awards settings: draw in 2 rounds, 1 first prize in each group; 3 commemorative prizes;
      a total of 2 prizes, 6 commemorative prizes.
      Each union group 2 (unlimited men and women), a total of 8 people.
      The item: Fighting first (push the ball)
      Rotten rules of the competition: Cross -tie the 2 -thirds of the last one of the relay rods, and hold a long section of a piece of scissors, and use the other end. Hold a basketball gap, and quickly pushed the ball forward after sending the order. By the back of Xiaohong Flag, the group won first.
      Awards settings: Taking the lottery in two rounds, the winning team in the first and second rounds of the preliminaries entered the finals, and did not enter the final team to win the commemorative award. In the final winning group, the first prize, and the other group won the second prize. A total of four prizes, 4 second prizes, and 8 commemorative prizes.
      The number of participants: 4 (unlimited men and women) each union group, a total of 16 people.
      If trade union activity plan 3
      A activity time: _ month _ day in the morning at 9:30 a morning
      In activities: in order to enrich the cultural life of faculty and employees, and improve the physical and mental health of faculty and staff, the school intends to use this use of this this Organize fitness fun activities on weekends. The implementation plan for special activity activities is as follows:
      The event location: __ township __zhuang
      activity lead: ___
      General referee: __
      : ___
      The participants: All teachers (including teachers of the courses) and cafeteria workers
      Labor preparation: ___
      Photo: __
      Rotary method It is divided into four groups in the order of ABCD. Each competition is determined to be the first to fourth place. Release event prizes.
      Cope items: kicking dumplings, jumping long rope (3 minutes), clipping relay, pig Bajie back daughter -in -law
      kicking dumplings competition: (equipment preparation: tadpole 10)
      , 4 groups in 4 groups Each group of 6 representatives participates in the competition, and the gender and age are unlimited.
      2. The competition is divided into 4 rounds. Each round of groups participates. Each participant played a few minutes in a row and records the total performance of the 6 people.
      3. Take the ranking according to the results of 9, 7, 5, 3
      "Two -person chest (back) pinching" relay race: (20 balloons)
      1, 1, There are 12 representatives of the four groups participating in the competition. The gender and age are not limited. The 12 people are divided into 6 groups, each with each group.
      2. Each team has two people each time, and the two have their chests or backs to the back. A balloon is placed in the middle. After order, the two ran to the side at the same time, bypassing the obstacles and returned to the second team. The second team used the same way to transport the ball back to a group. Based on this type, the first group is the victory.
      3. Rules of the competition:
      (1), you can run after order. If the ball falls on the way, you should be pinched in place and continue the game.
      (2), during the running process, it is not allowed to touch the ball by hand.
      (3) After the ball passes through the finish line, the two can be paid.
      4. Nickname: Named by speed, scored 9, 7, 5, and 3.
      "Pig Bajie Back" Competition:
      1, 4 groups each group of 12 representatives, gender and age are unlimited, 12 people are divided into 6 groups, each 2 people.
      2. Each of each team out of 2 people, one person stands up at the starting point, and after the referee blows the whistle, the "daughter -in -law" runs forward to bypass the obstacles. In the same way, the competition is performed according to this type, and the first group is the victory.
      3. Rules of the competition:
      (1), you can run after order.
      (2) If you have a foot on the way, you should carry it in place and continue the game.
      (3) After the previous group of participants crossed the finish line, the next group of members can start.
      4. Nickname: Named by speed, scored 9, 7, 5, and 3.
      three -minute jump long rope competition:
      1. Each group of 14 representatives participates in the competition, and the gender and age are unlimited.
      2. The two players stood in a fixed position and were responsible for shaking the rope. Other players stood all the way to one side
      3. The referee "whistle" contest started again, and the "whistle" game ended again.
      4. Methods: Only one person is allowed to enter each time, and then run out after jumping. The score is not counted when the rope fails to continue because of the stumbling rope phenomenon in cooperation.
      5. Entry of the ranking: take the ranking according to the score, according to 9, 7, 5, and 3 points.
      If trade union activity plan 4
      . Activity purpose:
      1. Enhance the fitness awareness of union cadres and take the lead in participating in various sports activities.
      2. Happy mood, relieve work pressure, and enhance physical fitness.
      . The competition time: September 23 (8:00, 8:30 competition)
      . The competition location: Shuangxing Primary School track and field field
      . Participants: district units: The chairman of the union and a union cadre to ensure good health without any disease.
      5. Project settings: ball running, leggings walking, touching the river, fixed -point shot, one -minute skipping, kicking zongzi, gold beans moving
      , registration method:
      Each person is limited to 3 items, one of which must be selected_ project (1-3 items) to participate.
      7. Award settings: Admitted the corresponding ranking according to the registration situation; the winners of the winners will give rewards; the contestants have commemorative prizes.
      . Registration date: Please call the participating team members to the education union before September 18.
      The fun sports meeting of the union cadre
      1. The ball runs
      The project description: The distance of the game is 20 meters; the table tennis must be placed in the middle of the table tennis racket, not fixed, the ball does not fall to the ground for the ground for the ground for the ground for the ground. Effectively, if the ball falls to the ground on the way to the ground, the player must return to the starting point to start again; the most time -time time in the specified schedule
      2. The legs of the legs
      Id the project description: 20 game distance 20 20 Mi; put the ball on both knees and clamp hard, start from the starting point, and walk to the end of the opposite side. The shortest time is victorious; On both sides of the body, do not support the ball.
      3. Crossing the river
      The project description: The distance between the game is 20 meters; the two foam boards of each athlete are placed on the back of the starting point; The athletes stood on the two boards on both feet. When the referee shot a gun, the athlete could start, lift the left foot (the left and right feet can be determined), pick up the original left foot foam plate with your hands, and place it in front (distance (distance (distance (distance (distance (distance (distance (distance (distance (distance (distance (distance (distance (distance (distance (distance (distance (distance Determine), step on the foam plate in front, lift the right foot, pick up the foam board with the original right foot and put it in front, and step on the right foot to the foam plate in front. Pick up the person out of the person out of the end line. If there is a foot on the way, it is judged as a foul and does not remember the results.
      4. Fixed -point shooting
      The project description: Athletes stand behind the free throw line (single, both hands can be); each person shoots 10 times per person, calculates the results in the number of goals; , Before the ranking of those who vote first.
      5. One minute skipping rope
      Id the project description: One minute counts the rope skipping, the number of multiple people in the fixed time is ranked before the ranking.
      6. Picking the dumplings (chicky hair)
      The project description: In the circle with a diameter of 2 meters, kick with each other with one foot or on the inside of the two feet. Do not hang kicking; before the number of successful number of successful times.
      7. Golden Doudou Moving
      The project description: Place two plastic baskets in front of the contestants, several table tennis are placed in a basket, one basket is empty, and the two baskets are 3 meters. Pick up the ball from the basket with a ping -pong basket; how much the ball is calculated in 2 minutes.
      If trade union activity plan 5
      In order to activate the cultural life of cadres and employees of the Health Bureau, strengthen communication and exchanges, and enhance the unity and friendship between comrades, according to the requirements of the cadres and employees of the bureau, and the research of the union committee of the bureau's organs The party group of the Economic and Economic Bureau agreed to decide to hold outskirts, mahjong and chess and card activities. The activity plan is currently drawn up as follows:
      . Activity time
      December 21
      . Activity location
      __ power station near
      . Event content
      1. Wild picnic activity
      2. Mahjong competition
      . Chess and card competition
      . Participants
      All cadres and employees of the Health Bureau
      5. Competition activities rules
      1. Mahjong, chess and card competitions are divided into 11 groups on average according to the total number of bureau agencies, and the remaining 3 people form a group.
      2. Mahjong, chess and card competitions randomly combine personnel according to the lottery, draw 4 or 3 same numbers in one group, freely choose one of the activities.
      3. Mahjong, chess and card competition awards are set to first prize, second prize, third prize, commemorative award and membership award. At the same time, a certain bonus award is given to encourage everyone to participate in collective activities. The bonus is set to 1,000 yuan first prize, 900 yuan for the second prize, 850 yuan for third prize, 800 yuan for commemorative prizes, and 500 yuan in membership awards.
      4. The ingredients required for picnic activities are uniformly purchased by the activity group.
      6. Event requirements
      1. Actively support the activities of participating in the organization of trade union. There are no special reasons. Persons who do not participate in the event for the membership procedures to enjoy the membership award;
      3. After the event, we must clean up the venue of the activity.

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