The Friendship Sloop “Amity” sails daily from the public docks in beautiful Belfast, Maine. “Amity” is one of the last original Friendship Sloops - handsome, able vessels built for lobster fishing under sail.

Penobscot Bay offers some of the finest sailing in the world and it is a pleasure to share “Amity” and this wonderful part of the Maine coast with our passengers.

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I used to get the occassional good renter whose house had been sold out from under him, but not Valentino Shoes Sneakers

this year. Now, I get lots of applicants who claim their house has been foreclosed, but they all turn out to be people who are lying about being evicted.

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Summer is the worst for us, as economic activity is dead slow due to snowbirds being gone, and this is the period of our worst quality tenants and least activity in renting. Most service businesses are dead as well, so common to see layoffs during this period as well with service businesses.

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Rents are way down from a few years ago and problem tenants are way up.

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Buyers tend to High Heels Blue Shoes

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April is the best time to get lower to lower middle income renters as tax returns are usually the basis of a new renters security deposits and full last and security deposits usually mean a fairly problem free tenant. We tend to try to manage our leases around this and adjust our rents to fill leases during this period.

Most people start looking for a new place to buy or rent in the spring. They hope to move in the summer right before the new school year.

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It snows here, so anyone with any sense doesn plan to move in the winter.

We are in a predominately retirement based Florida area, so medical is the primary employer, followed by other services. Most are suffering.

I get lots of rental applications in the winter, but they are mostly from people being evicted, so they must move and can wait until spring.

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The quality of credit is almost non existent as we have little high paying jobs so most tenants here live paycheck to paycheck or are recovering from some financial problem.

Vacancies abound in the medical commercial areas, a sight unseen a few years ago. Foreclosures continue to rise but home prices have leveled off and do not seem to be dropping much if you can find a buyer.

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be thin during the winter, because they don want to move in the snow, and don think ahead to realize that by the time they get through escrow, it will be spring.

How long this pattern will last here is anybodies guess.

There are some seasonal rentals in winter but not nearly as much as normal.

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My good renters in the winter have been people transferring in for a new job again, not this year. Businesses are laying off, not transferring employees.

Most people try to stay away from remolding during the harsh months of the winter That would give you an edge when shopping for contractors and professionals.

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Buying in the late fall get you the best price for the property. People usually don like to make big commitment right before Christmas. They need the money for presents, hosting, etc.

´╗┐Renting during Summer vs

Different places in the country have different trends. In general, you should buy in late fall, rehab during the winter and rent in the spring to early summer.

Depends upon where you are in the country and the economics of your area.

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The 2007sailing season is on its way. Amity is in the yard waiting for spring!



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